Friday, September 26, 2014

One Month

We moved into our home one month ago today.

We happened upon this place by luck or fate, if you will. We had been looking for the perfect place to rent. Something affordable, lots of space, in a good area, close to our jobs and school. After months of searching and nothing but disappointment, I had all but given up. We had run out of time. The school year had started and I had to enroll my daughter in kindergarten in the school district of the city we had been trying to escape.

It was by chance that we took that shortcut home from the mall that evening.

Look! A FOR RENT sign, I had told my boyfriend. Let's follow it and see where it leads.

It took us around twists and turns and we ended up lost and frustrated. Where was that yellow FOR RENT sign again? A-ha!  We could get the address and google it. Found it!

Into the GPS and less than a minute later we were in front of the house. It was big. Two stories with a balcony. I dialed the number for more information and got the voicemail.

Hello, you've reached M. If you are calling about the house it has 5 bedrooms, 2 baths.....the message continued detailing all the pertinent information about the house. There's no way this would be within our price range....but it was!

A couple weeks later and the three of us, myself, daughter (Grace), & boyfriend (Lee), were moving in.

And before long the strange things started happening.